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Ordnance Factory Board: Trade Apprentices Question Paper Group-1

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Ordnance Factory Board: Trade Apprentices Question Paper Group-1



Direction for questions 1 – 3 :

Choose the word which is nearest in meaning to the bold typed word.

Questions :
1. The officer was divested of all power.
(A) Bared (B) Denuded (C) Dispossessed (D) Disrobed

2. He is liked by all for his candid behaviour.
(A) Social (B) Simple (C) Frank (D) Sociable

3. In his old age the man turned a fatalist.
(A) Disbeliever in God (B) Believer in God (C) Believer in fate (D) Non-believer in destiny

Direction for questions 4 – 6 :

Choose the best word or expression to complete the sentences.

Questions :4. He lives in the world of ________.

(A) allusions (B) illusions (C) conclusions (D) delusions
5. The husband was taken aback when his wife ________ to him that she ________ him for
his money.
(A) revealed …. had married (B) declared …. married
(C) revealed …. married (D) confirmed …. has married
6. He informed ________ me to the police.
(A) about (B) against (C) for (D) with
Direction for questions 7 – 9 :
Choose the OPPOSITE meaning of the given word.
Questions :
7. Transparent
(A) Obvious (B) Distinct (C) Opaque (D) Consistent
8. Immense
(A) Insignificant (B) Significant (C) Huge (D) Gigantic
9. Modest
(A) Lenient (B) Reserved (C) Humble (D) Arrogant

Direction for questions 10 – 12 :

In each of the following questions various words are given, one of which is wrongly spelt.
Find out the WRONGLY SPELT word.
Questions :
10. (A) Broch (B) Bleak (C) Bouquet (D) Baneful
11. (A) Delusion (B) Dovetail (C) Divercity (D) Diffident
12. (A) Doubtfull (B) Awkward (C) Ponderous (D) Distinct

Direction for questions 13 – 15 :

Below several disarranged words are given in each question. Arrange them in proper order
so that it makes a sense and indicate the index (A or B or C or D) of the word you have chosen
to put LAST.
Questions :
13. in of I money am need
__ (A) __ (B) (C) (D)
14. acts care she with
(A) (B) (C) (D)
15. me your pleased has news
(A) (B) (C) __ (D)




NTTF (Nettur Technical Training Foundation)


1.  Terms and Conditions

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Courtesy: NTTF

Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT)

Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT)


1. Online applications are invited for the courses commencing in July 2018 for grant of Short Service Commission (SSC) in Flying Branch and Permanent Commission (PC) / Short Service Commission (SSC) in Ground Duty (Technical) and Ground Duty (Non-technical) Branches.

2. Branches and eligibility criteria are as given in the table:-

Post Details :

Branch  & Course Number

Educational Qualification

Visual Standards*


Height & Weight


Flying (204/18F/SSC/M & W)

(a) Graduates with minimum three years degree course in any discipline from a recognized University with a minimum  of Candidates should have mandatorily passed 60% marks or equivalent.with a minimum of 60% marks each in Maths

(b) BE/B Tech degree (Four years course) from a recognised      & Physics at 10+2 level.

University with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent.

(c) Candidates who have cleared Section A & B examination of Associate Membership of Institute Engineers (India) or

Aeronautical Society of India from a recognised University with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent.

(a)  Candidates who habitually wear spectacles are not eligible.

(b) Minimum distant vision 6/6 in one eye and 6/9 in other correctable to 6/6 only for   Hyper metropia colour vision CP-1. Hypermetropia: +2.0 d Sph, Man- ifest Myopia: Nil, Retinoscopic Myopia: -0.5 in any meridian permitted, Astig- matism: + 0.75 D Cyl (with +2.0 D- Max) Maddox Rod Test (i) at 6 meters - Exo-6 prism D, Eso-6 prism D, Hyper-1 prism D, Hypo-1 prism (ii) at 33 cms - Exo-16 prism D, Eso-6 prism D, Hyper-1 prism D, Hypo-1 prism D. Hand held stereoscope - All of BSV Grades. Convergence - upto 10 cm. Cover test for distant and near - Lateral divergence/convergence recovery  rapid and com- plete.  Binocular Vision - Must possess good binocular vision (fusion and ste- reopsis with good amplitude and depth).

20  to  24   years   as on 01 Jul  2018 i.e.  born between  02  Jul   1994   to 01  Jul  1998.  (both  dates inclusive).  Upper  age  limit for candidates  holding valid and  current Commercial  ilot Licence   issued by DGCA  (India)  is  relaxable upto 26  years i.e. born be- between 02  Jul  1992  to  01 Jul 1998 (both dates inclu- sive).

(a)   Height:   162.5    cms,   Leg Length: Min - 99 cms, Max -120 cms. Thigh

Length : Max - 64 cms, Sitting Height : Min - 81.5 cms. Max - 96 cms.

(b) Weight: Proportionate to the height and age.

(c) Applicable for Men & Wom- en both.


Ground Duty (Technical)


203/18T/PC/ M


203/18T/ SSC/M & W

Aeronautical Engineer (Electronics)

{AE (L)}.

Candidates with a minimum of 60% marks each in Physics and Mathematics at 10+2 level and a minimum of four years  degree  graduation/integrated  post-graduation  qualification   in  Engineering/  Technology  from  recognised University OR Cleared Sections A and B examination of Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers (India) or Aeronautical Society of India or Graduate membership examination of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunica- tion Engineers by actual studies with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent in the following disciplines:-

(aa)   Communication   Engineering   (ab)   Computer   Engineering/Technology   (ac)    Computer   Engineering   & Application (ad) Computer Science and Engineering/Technology (ae) Electrical and Computer Engineering (af) Elec- trical and Electronics Engineering (ag) Electrical Engineering (ah) Electronics Engineering/Technology (aj) Electronics

Science and Engineering (ak) Electronics (al) Electronics and Communication Engineering  (am) Electronics and

Computer Science (an) Electronics and/or Telecommunication Engineering (ao) Electronics and/or Telecommunica- tion Engineering (Microwave) (ap) Electronics and Computer Engineering (aq) Electronics Communication and Instru- mentation Engineering (ar) Electronics Instrument & Control (as) Electronics Instrument & Control Engineering (at) Instrumentation & Control Engineering (au) Instrument & Control Engineering (av) Information Technology.

Maximum Limits of Refractive Error

Visual Acuity Errors



20 to 26 years as on 01 Jul 2018 i.e. born  between 02 Jul 1992 to 01 Jul 1998

(both dates inclusive).

NTTF Diploma Entrance Exam 2017


NTTF Diploma Entrance Exam 2017

NTTF (Nettur Technical Training Foundation) established in 1963 is a reputed educational institution imparting quality technical education in various disciplines at different levels. For more than five decades, NTTF - an educational Foundation is the living symbol of Indo-Swiss cooperation aimed at promoting a purposeful technical education for the youth in India. Our students are well accepted by industries in India and abroad and have a very high employment potential. 
NTTF Entrance Exam 2017: 
Candidates seeking admission in various Diploma courses have to fill the downloaded 
application form and submit it to the official authority on or before the last date. 
Courses Offered 
• Diploma in Tool & Die Making (DiTD)
• Diploma in Technical Skills (DiTS)
• Diploma in Electronics (DiEL)
• Diploma in Mechatronics (DiMT)
• Diploma in Manufacturing Technology (DiMgT)
• Diploma in Electrical & Electronics 

>>

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Courtesy: NTTF

JEECUP Answer Key 2017 Download




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Courtesy: UP JEE-CUP


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