(Download) NIFT Sample Paper -2018 : Master of Fashion Management (M.F.M)(GAT)

(Download) NIFT Sample Paper -2018 : Master of Fashion Management (M.F.M)(GAT)

Sample Questions
Master of Fashion Management (M.F.M)

(Note: These questions are illustrative. The pattern, scope, arrangement, variety, difficulty level, etc in the actual question paper may vary.)

Directions (Questions 1-3) : In each of the following questions, choose the word which is opposite in meaning to the underlined word to fill in the blank.
1. Elevation and ___________ are important features of geographical study.
(1) ascent (2) compression (3) promotion (4) depression
2. All what he said was pertinent to the topic, and nothing was ___________.
(1) material (2) legit (3) related (4) irrelevant
3. This book seems rather complicated, I think this matter should be _________ and categorized.
(1) tricky (2) simple (3) complex (4) tangled

Directions (Questions 4-6) : Fill in the blank.
4. If you do not __________, all your monthly expenses would exceed your income.
(1) economise (2) spend (3) save (4) splurge
5. If he __________ his first draft, he would have received a better grade.
(1) would have revised (2) had revised
(3) could have revised (4) had of revised
6. It is earth’s gravity which __________ people their weight.
(1) gives (2) give (3) giving (4) given

Directions (Questions 7-11) : In each of these questions, choose the option which best expresses the meaning of the idiom /phrase underlined in the sentence.
7. In life, we have to take the rough with the smooth.
(1) be tough in order to be successful
(2) use pleasant words to make things smooth
(3) accept unpleasant as well as pleasant things
(4) make unpleasant things better
8. He burnt his fingers by interfering in his neighbour's affairs.
(1) got rebuked (2) got himself insulted
(3) burnt himself (4) got himself into trouble
9. He was carried off his feet when he was declared to have won the prize.
(1) became delirious (2) danced on his toes
(3) was dizzy (4) was wild with excitement

10. Sunil thought his skill would match up to Keshav’s bulk, but in the fight he was beaten neck and crop.
(1) softly (2) completely (3) swiftly (4) profoundly
11. It is better to have one friend who is as true as steel than to have fifty acquaintances who refuse
to recognize you in your hour of need.
(1) strong (2) physically and mentally fit
(3) with you (4) very loyal and dependable

Directions (Questions 12-15) : In each of these questions, choose the most logical order of sentences from among the four given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.
12. A. There was a pile of pumpkins sitting on a flatbed truck, and both Allen and Bush tried to hoist an aesthetically pleasing pumpkin by the stem.
B. Both stems snapped. “If you break it, you pay for it, Mr. President,” said Richard Keil of Bloomberg News, echoing Colin Powell’s famous rule at the outset of the Iraq war.
C. Everything seemed to be going wrong for Bush, even the metaphors.
D. On the way to the Allen fund raiser, we stopped for a photo at a picturesque farm stand outside Richmond.
E. Bush didn’t seem to get the joke. “I suppose you’re right,” he said, and tried to buy the broken pumpkin.
13. A. We all know that exercise is good for you.
B. Staying physically active helps keep your heart healthy and your muscles strong, and in cancer patients it has even been shown to ward off relapse.
C. Now a series of independently conducted studies on the effects of exercise in healthy older adults, published on Monday in the Archives of Internal Medicine, confirms that.
D. Logging time at the gym not only helps maintain good health but may even prevent the onset of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, osteoarthritis and dementia.
(1) ABCD (2) DABC (3) CDAB (4) CDBA
14. A. Borderlines are the patients psychologists fear most.
B. They are power connected to the people close to them and terrified by the possibility of losing them yet attach those people so unexpectedly that they often ensure the every abandonment they fear.
C. When they want to hold, they claw instead.
D. Borderline patients seem to have no internal governor; they are capable of deep love and profound rage almost simultaneously.
E. As many as 75% hurt themselves, and approximately 10% commit suicide, an extraordinarily high suicide rate.

15. A. He read it in an oddly methodical way.
B. The moment he had laid aside the body of the paper a masseuse stepped into the room.
C. First he tore off Page One and the editorial page of the bulky newspaper.
D. Rapidly, his marble-bright blue eyes took in every story.
E. When the rite was over, he sat up, and as the masseuse worked at the fingers of his right hand, stiff from a palm affliction, Sulzberger picked up the detached Page One of the Times in his left.

Directions (Questions 16-19) : In each of these questions, choose the alternative which can replace the underlined word without changing the meaning of the sentence.
16. The courage shown by the soldiers at this moment of crisis is exemplary.
(1) admirable (2) clear (3) elementary (4) suitable
17. The novel was so interesting that I was oblivious of my surroundings.
(1) sensitive (2) watchful (3) aware (4) unmindful
18. It was a facetious remark which totally failed to make any impression.
(1) irrelevant to the situation (2) joking
(3) reconciliatory (4) meaningless
19. When youngsters do not have good role-models to emulate they start searching for them among sportsmen or filmstars.
(1) inhabit (2) imitate (3) mollify (4) modify

Directions (Questions 20-23) : In each of these question, choose the most appropriate option that can replace the underlined part of the sentence.
20. The governor’s intolerance of dissent among his aides was intensified by loyalty from all.
(1) him insisting upon total loyalty from all
(2) his insistence upon total loyalty from all
(3) all insisting upon his loyalty
(4) his insisting upon their loyalty
21. Although he was often incomplete in his work, he was promoted simply because he was with the company longer than any one else.
(1) Although work was often incomplete
(2) His work was often incomplete although
(3) Although his work was often incomplete
(4) Although he often completed his work

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