(Download) NIFT Sample Paper -2018 : Bachelor of Fashion Technology (B.F.Tech) (GAT)

(Download) NIFT Sample Paper -2018 : Bachelor of Fashion Technology (B.F.Tech) (GAT)

Sample Questions
Bachelor of Fashion Technology (B.F.Tech)

(Note: These questions are illustrative. The pattern, scope, arrangement, variety, difficulty level, etc in the actual question paper may vary.)

Directions (Questions 1-4) : In each of these questions, choose the alternative which can replace the underlined word printed in bold without changing the meaning of the sentence.
1. I tried to persuade him to change his mind, but he remained adamant.
(1) fixed (2) stubborn (3) aggressive (4) defensive
2. A feeling of brotherhood should be nurtured in the masses.
(1) brought out (2) brought up (3) admired (4) encouraged
3. The courage shown by the soldiers at this moment of crisis is exemplary.
(1) admirable (2) clear (3) elementary (4) suitable
4. The novel was so interesting that I was oblivious of my surroundings.
(1) indifferent (2) watchful (3) aware (4) unmindful

Directions (Questions 5-8) : Fill in the blank.
5. We are now confident ____________ winning the match.
(1) to (2) in (3) of (4) into
6. This sort of situation will not be allowed to last _________ long.
(1) until (2) up (3) till (4) for
7. The inspector of excise has to conduct regular checks and __________ to visit the unit at least once a day.
(1) is required (2) requires (3) is requiring (4) required
8. He used to pray everyday, believing that as long as he __________ so, he would be safe.
(1) doing (2) does (3) did (4) will do

Directions (Questions 9-12) : In each of these questions, choose the alternative which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the underlined word in the sentence.
9. The committee set about making provisional arrangements for the annual conference.
(1) unconditional (2) abiding (3) permanent (4) lasting
10. The priest would not allow anyone to desecrate the sanctity of the temple.
(1) sanctify (2) profane (3) intensify (4) violate
11. I think you should undertake this job; it would really be a profitable venture for you.
(1) accept (2) give up (3) conceal (4) retrieve
12. I think it would be better if this paragraph is eliminated.
(1) added (2) improved (3) deleted (4) shortened

Directions (Questions 13-14) : In each of the following questions, choose the alternative that can be substituted for the given words /sentence.
13. An associate in an office or institution
(1) Companion (2) Ally (3) Colleague (4) Accomplice
14. A book or paper written in hand
(1) Handwritten (2) Manuscript (3) Edition (4) Draft

Directions (Questions 15-17) : In each of the following questions, an idiomatic expression /proverb has been given, followed by some alternatives. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/proverb.
15. To read between the lines
(1) To concentrate (2) To read carefully
(3) To suspect (4) To grasp the hidden meaning
16. To flog a dead horse
(1) To act in a foolish way (2) To waste one’s efforts
(3) To revive interest in an old subject (4) To revive old memories
17. To pay one back in the same coin
(1) To provoke a person to quarrel
(2) To offer another polite attention
(3) To retaliate
(4) To give a word of encouragement or praise to another

Directions (Questions 18-19) : In each of the questions below, only one among the given alternatives is correctly spelt. Find out the word with correct spelling.
18. (1) Necessary (2) Necesarry (3) Necesary (4) Neccessary
19. (1) Benefeted (2) Benifited (3) Benefitted (4) Benifitted

Directions (Questions 20-21) : In each of these questions, choose the wrongly spelt word.
20. (1) Designation (2) Acquaintence (3) Controversy (4) Burglar
21. (1) Breakage (2) Brevity (3) Breathless (4) Briliance

Directions (Questions 22-23) : From amongst the options given below each word, choose the appropriate singular form.
22. Socks
(1) Socks (2) Sock (3) Socke (4) None of these
23. Teeth
(1) Teeth (2) Toothe (3) Tooth (4) None of these

Directions (Questions 24-25) : From amongst the options given below each word, choose the appropriate plural form.
24. Ox
(1) Oxes (2) Oxen (3) Herd (4) None of these
25. Fish
(1) Fishes (2) Fishy (3) Fish (4) None of these

Directions (Questions 26-45): Study the passages below and answer the questions that follow each passage.


The weeks following demonetisation have been accompanied by growing intrusiveness of the state. Big government seems to be back with a vengeance. But India's earlier experiment in this area led to an inspector raj and created opportunities for corruption to flourish. It must not be repeated. A legitimate expectation of demonetisation was that it would leave trails which could be used to bring tax evaders to book. This was in line with a series of steps taken over the last decade to create an audit trail in myriad areas to allow tax authorities to mine data. This is a sound way of widening the tax net. In addition to tax authorities, agencies such as the Financial Intelligence Unit processed information related to suspicious financial transactions. India was switching to a more sophisticated way of enforcing tax rules. It is important that government now builds upon a decade's work. Threats
of tax raids and allowing bureaucrats to exercise excessive power will be counterproductive. The return of an inspector raj will have a chilling effect on economic activity. It will only prolong the ongoing economic disruption. Government must send the right message to all economic agents. Legitimate economic activity ought to be encouraged and needless impediments removed. Exhorting people to use digital modes of payment is not enough. Different arms of the government should make better use of technology to do their work.

26. Government can perform better by
(1) imposing more rules and laws. (2) using police force.
(3) utilizing more technology. (4) None of these
27. Consequent to demonetisation, it was expected that
(1) law and order situation would improve.
(2) people who avoid paying tax would be caught.
(3) people would pay more tax.
(4) it would have not much of impact on tax-collections.
28. After demonetisation, it has been seen that
(1) government has increased interference in lives of people.
(2) government has stopped interference with people's lives.
(3) it has made no difference in people's lives.
(4) None of these
29. In the recent past, we have taken steps to
(1) avoid enforcing strict tax laws. (2) make more people pay taxes.
(3) stop people from paying taxes. (4) None of these
30. Which of the following statements is not true?
(1) Legal economy activities must be given a boost.
(2) Demonetisation done earlier had decreased inspector raj.
(3) Using cashless transaction will not resolve all problems.
(4) None of these

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