## How to Prepare Numerical Ability for NIACL Assistant Exam

How to Prepare Numerical Ability for NIACL Assistant Exam

The New India Assurance Company Limited (NIACL) is one of the country's largest insurance firms. It employs a huge number of people and has a number of branches both inside and outside the country. NIACL, as everyone knows, hires qualified people for numerous positions throughout the year. The NIACL Cadre III Assistant position, on the other hand, is one of the most well-known.

The NIACL Assistant exam is conducted in two stages i.e., the Prelims and Mains exam. The Preliminary exam, which is an online objective test comprises three papers including English Language, Reasoning and Numerical Ability. Out of the three, you must secure good marks in numerical ability paper as it can prove to be a tipping point of your success or failure in the exam.

On that note, let’s discuss a proper strategy on how to prepare numerical ability for the upcoming NIACL Assistant exam.

Start with Number Systems

Begin your preparation with this topic because it is critical and demands continual practise. This will give you plenty of time to adequately prepare for this topic.

Set aside time each day to practise number systems because this is not a theoretical subject that can be crammed. If you have any doubts, you can consult the NCERT books.

After the number system, go through major arithmetic topics like Ratio, Percentage, average formula, Profit and Loss, exponents, fractions, decimals and others as they form the base of a majority of topics in mathematics. Therefore, having a sound of these concepts and their application will save you from doubts in questions from various topics.

Become Efficient

Try to master short multiplication tricks, such as cubes, squares, cube root, square root, and so on. Learn tables up to at least 20, squares and cubes up to 30 to speed up calculations.

Besides basic arithmetics operations, be thorough in the aforementioned arithmetic topic as well as algebra. All this will improve your precision and efficiency in numerical calculations in topics like Simplifications, Problems on Ages, number series, quadratic equations, polynomials and more.

This will allow you to save a significant amount of time that would otherwise be squandered on long calculations. Important formulas and theorems should be memorised.

Solve Regular Math Quizzes 

Regularly solving math quizzes will assist you in mastering calculations and increasing your speed. It's also good for you because taking quizzes is a terrific way to clear your mind.

When you have a break from studying, you might try your hand at the quizzes. This will save you time, which you may put to better use on other topics and subjects.

Manage Time

Time management is an important component that can make or ruin a project. In the exam, always try to apply shortcut techniques.

If any question needs lengthy computations, note it for later review and return to it if you have time left after you finish the other questions.

Assess Yourself

Always keep track of the time and analyse your performance and efficiency in terms of accuracy and speed if you're working on a mock test or a previous year's paper.

Nobody knows you better than you, so this will help you figure out where you're falling behind.

Maintain Composure

Maintain a calm and collected demeanour at all times and do not panic. It will just aggravate your situation. Always study with a positive attitude, as this will aid in the retention and recall of all that you have learned throughout time.

Rather than stressing and becoming stressed about something you aren't excellent at, try to improve it. Also, don't forget about your health and make time to meditate or exercise, as a healthy mind can only exist in a healthy body.