(Download) GATE -2018 : Exam Paper and Answer Key Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC)

(Download) GATE -2018 : Exam Paper and Answer Key

Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC)

General Aptitude :

Q. 1 – Q. 5 carry one mark each.

Q.1 “By giving him the last ______ of the cake, you will ensure lasting _____ in our house today.”The words that best fill the blanks in the above sentence are
(A) peas, piece (B) piece, peace
(C) peace, piece (D) peace, peas

Q.2 “Even though there is a vast scope for its ________, tourism has remained a/an _________ area.”The words that best fill the blanks in the above sentence are
(A) improvement, neglected
(B) rejection, approved
(C) fame, glum
(D) interest, disinterested

Q.3 If the number 715∎423 is divisible by 3 (∎ denotes the missing digit in the thousandths place), then the smallest whole number in the place of ∎ is _________.
(A) 0

(B) 2

(C) 5

(D) 6

Q.4 What is the value of 1 +1/4+1/16+1/64+1/256+ ⋯?

(A) 2

(B) 7/4

(C) 3/2

(D) 4/3

Q.5 A 1.5 m tall person is standing at a distance of 3 m from a lamp post. The light from the lamp at the top of the post casts her shadow. The length of the shadow is twice her height. What is the height of the lamp post in meters?
(A) 1.5

(B) 3

(C) 4.5

(D) 6

Q. 6 – Q. 10 carry two marks each.

Q.6 Leila aspires to buy a car worth Rs. 10,00,000 after 5 years. What is the minimum amount in Rupees that she should deposit now in a bank which offers 10% annual rate of interest, if the interest was compounded annually?
(A) 5,00,000

(B) 6,21,000
(C) 6,66,667

(D) 7,50,000

Q.7 Two alloys A and B contain gold and copper in the ratios of 2:3 and 3:7 by mass, respectively. Equal masses of alloys A and B are melted to make an alloy C. The ratio of gold to copper in alloy C is ______.
(A) 5:10

(B) 7:13

(C) 6:11

(D) 9:13

Q.8 The Cricket Board has long recognized John’s potential as a leader of the team. However, his on-field temper has always been a matter of concern for them since his junior days. While this aggression has filled stadia with die-hard fans, it has taken a toll on his own batting. Until recently, it appeared that he found it difficult to convert his aggression into big scores. Over the past three seasons though, that picture of John has been replaced by a cerebral, calculative and successful batsman-captain. After many years, it appears that the team has finally found a complete captain. 

Which of the following statements can be logically inferred from the above paragraph?
(i) Even as a junior cricketer, John was considered a good captain.
(ii) Finding a complete captain is a challenge.
(iii) Fans and the Cricket Board have differing views on what they want in a captain.
(iv) Over the past three seasons John has accumulated big scores.

(A) (i), (ii) and (iii) only
(B) (iii) and (iv) only
(C) (ii) and (iv) only
(D) (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)

Q.9 A cab was involved in a hit and run accident at night. You are given the following data about the cabs in the city and the accident.
(i) 85% of cabs in the city are green and the remaining cabs are blue.
(ii) A witness identified the cab involved in the accident as blue.
(iii) It is known that a witness can correctly identify the cab colour only 80% of the time. 
Which of the following options is closest to the probability that the accident was caused by a blue cab?
(A) 12%

(B) 15%

(C) 41%

(D) 80%


Q.10 A coastal region with unparalleled beauty is home to many species of animals. It is dotted with coral reefs and unspoilt white sandy beaches. It has remained inaccessible to tourists due to poor connectivity and lack of accommodation. A company has spotted the opportunity and is planning to develop a luxury resort with helicopter service to the nearest major city airport. Environmentalists are upset that this would lead to the region becoming crowded and polluted like any other major beach resorts.

Which one of the following statements can be logically inferred from the information given in the above paragraph?
(A) The culture and tradition of the local people will be influenced by the tourists.
(B) The region will become crowded and polluted due to tourism.
(C) The coral reefs are on the decline and could soon vanish.
(D) Helicopter connectivity would lead to an increase in tourists coming to the region.

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